Hip-Hop generation’s message to Bush

This is awesome! US rapper Wordsworth in the 2004 Presidential debate (almost)


You got no choice, that’s what you’ve all been told to listen to,
These criminals in the office want to control or limit you,
All the political power’s ours,
But these cowards’ goals and principles is to imprison you
Mr President, you inherited in devilish ways from your dad,
You the biggest terrorists there ever is,
It’s evident, your negative, and your father was father before
So you used the war as a score to settle it,
World peace is said to be the planner’s plan,
So you attack the Taliban in Afghanistan,
Bin Laden you let escape and through the sand he ran,
Now he’s taping death threats on a handycam,
Non humane, Iraq, Saddam Hussein,
Didn’t find weapons still went and bombed the planes,
Arms are aimed, children and moms are maimed,
C4 killing soliders when a car is detained
And you stay getting money from these corporations,
How are you paying backers (?) from these altercations,
Under no terms you have my vote earned
Now while the sun burns, each day the globe turns,
Problems evolving, partial involvement could solve it,
If you weren’t golfing so often,
Believe me you’all, it’s all way worse than it looks,
So let’s vote and stop beating around the bush.

And a few thoughts: 

Apart from the politics, the ‘Afghanistan’ / ‘sand he ran’ / ‘handycam’ rhyme works just so well!  I also like the ‘power’s, ours, cowards’’ rhymes in the beginning.  I love also how the line, ‘Now while the sun burns, each day the globe turns’ opens up the view and seems to put everything is perspective. 


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  1. DOPE!

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