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  1. Hi! I’m from Poland. I think that so many kilometers and different culture etc. don’t say anything about people’s (our too) characters or in what way we see this world. it’s beautiful.
    You must be such a great person. thank You.

  2. Hello, I’m living in France since September and I’m completely smashed by Grand Corp Malade lyrics. I went completely crazy with the Blues de L’Institutuer. Unfornately not translated by you. Congratulations for your blog and your creativity in translating. We succeeded to pass the message across which in translation is rather difficult. I know because I’m native portuguese, lived for 5 years in uk and I’m in France now. I can speak and read 4 languages but for creative writting I can only do it in portuguese.

    Good work you done here.


  3. A very good idea to share and to discover very good and modern french songs to english speaker…
    I’m french and love this idea. To help foreign people to discover french thanks those wonderful songs !! 🙂



  4. Many countries have wealth but the people are still impoverished for various reasons. ,

  5. Thanks for your great translation of Mc Solar’s Caroline. I am French myself and loved the poetry of this song. However it was difficult to explain to non native speakers.

  6. why write no more?
    please right this wrong.
    you are a thorough delight 🙂

    • Hi Wrinkles, thanks for your comments! I’ve just posted a new translation of an old Grand Corps Malade song I like. Hope you like it too!

  7. Thanks but can I can’t find your name? I teach English to French teenagers and would love to use this in my last lesson this year.

    • Hi, I’m Will Deben. Please do use this in the classroom!

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