29 May, 2007 - Leave a Response

This is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago, I always like the idea that our minds are as good at colouring in the world with imagination when we are awake as when we are asleep.  Bref, here it is:

It’s know by all in sleep we dream, yet this is little known:
That when our ‘lids spring up for day, our minds cease not their nightly play,
But spin, and dream, and roam.
They cast their nets despite the Sun, the eye of heaven bright,
How are we then, my fellow men, to see to the dark from light?


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29 May, 2007 - Leave a Response

This blog will be my attempt to share some of my thoughts with anyone out there who wants to read them.  My influences are diverse:  from George Orwell, Percy Shelly, E.M. Forster, I’ve just been reading Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales to Roots Manuva, Klashnekov, Yungun, Sway and the other UK rappers, and the French slam poetry of ‘Grand Corps Malade’.  I was brought up on old Blues, went to a good school, onto University, lived abroad and learnt French for a couple of years, now back at University studing International Politics and getting a slightly more balanced view of things!  Looking at particularly ‘political economy’ – and people like Susan Strange, Karl Polanyi and a few others. 

Stepping into dodgy philosophical ground, I get the feeling that the scientific revolution has run its course, and all that model making, theory building, graph drawing when related to the social sciences (history, politics, economics) has made us forget that ‘human beings’ and their often irrational ways are at the centre of these processes.  In short, I think that the scientific world-view when dealing with social subjects needs to be softened by a bit of humanism.  We shouldn’t forget that the Renaissance was heady mix of the scientific and humanistic and the two schools only split up at the end of the eighteenth-century (scientists where still called ‘natural philosophers’ in the nineteenth-century).  Has the time come for them to retie the knot?